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 Priscilla over nieuwe Elvis-docu op HBO TV
Priscilla Presley werd door het Amerikaanse Billboard magazine geinterviewd naar aanleiding van een nieuwe Elvis-documentaire die door HBO TV werd gemaakt. 'The Searcher' komt in het voorjaar uit, duurt bijna drie en een half uur en bestaat uit twee delen. In de documentaire worden er nieuwe interviews met o.a. Bruce Springsteen en wijlen Tom Petty, en uiteraard ook Priscilla Presley. Het interview met Priscilla verschijnt op 13 januari in het Billboard Magazine. Hieronder kunt u het alvast lezen:

In the film, you share a great deal about Elvis that you never have before.

​People know about his generosity, about his love of his mother, but he didn't have the peers he should have had. It would have been great to sit around with the guys and talk about, “My gosh, do you ever get nervous onstage? Do you miss your wife? Do you ever forget your lines?” He didn't have that.

You were so young when you met Elvis. Were your parents concerned?

Our relationship was too big for my parents; they didn't understand it. He courted me for two years before he asked me to join him in Graceland. It was two years begging my dad, until finally I told my parents, “You’re ruining my life; you have to let me go.”

Colonel Parker hangs over the film like an avenging angel.

[Elvis] was so grateful Colonel Parker took him where he wanted to go. The hardest thing was realizing that Parker was a great promoter but didn't know anything about music, or about his subject, Elvis Presley.

The film ends with Bobby Kennedy’s death and Elvis’ extraordinary rendition of “If I Can Dream” from his comeback special in 1968. What were Elvis’ politics?

Elvis was for peace. He didn't understand this whole thing with Vietnam. But he didn't get involved in politics. It was the one thing you didn't do: an entertainer was to entertain.

Elvis didn't live long enough to see your acting career. Were you sad that he didn't get to watch your films?

To be honest, Elvis wouldn't have wanted me to be in them. I don’t think he would have wanted to share [me] with anyone.

Being separated and watching him basically work himself to death -- was that painful to see again?

No. Even though we were divorced, we remained very close. We had long conversations at night. He wanted to perform, to get out. He had nervous energy. In fact, he wanted to go all over the world. He wanted to explore.
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